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All four of the boys are together after an unplanned hiatus where Andy was on vacation, Steve went on Covert Ops to Romania, Joseph had to get a restraining order for those pesky girls, and Martin had to deal with the magic smoke leaving most of his podcasting gear.

The boys talk about whether SIEM is dead or not (hint: it doesn't want to get on the cart!) and about DigiNotar.

See y'all next episode!

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This evening, it was just Martin and Joseph covering some of the big
news of the past week: Diginotar and Sony.

Signal to Noise

Diginotar, a Certificate Authority from Holland was breached over this
past week, and the fallout just seems to keep growing:

Back in the spotlight again is Sony, but for good (we hope) reasons
this time, as they've announced their new CISO:

Also, as we said on the podcast, for people with a high signal to
noise ratio on Twitter, try starting with these folks.

@CSOonline @mikkohypponen @uscert_gov @HDMoore @rwestervelt @WeldPond

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