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We're joined by our newest team member - Zach Lanier!

The crew discusses the recent events at RSA in the context of "What Should A CISO DO?"

Here are some of the stories we found...




We'll be back next time with more fun and stories!

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Well, the boys are short the News Yankee this week...


Joseph is back from South By Southwest and BSides Austin and gives a brief rundown on the doings there.


Martin interviews Larry Ponemon about the "Cost of Compliance" study recently published by the Ponemon Institute.


Andy?  He's just hanging out with the infant.

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Once again, we have the whole gang together, as we discuss two groups of stories that fit together nicely. 

We do have some upcoming cons for the southern oriented of us.  

First is the upcoming BSidesAustin, held in sunny Austin, TX. It's this weekend (March 11-12), and full details can be found at  

A little farther down the road is the second year for HouSecCon. November 3rd, held in Houston, TX. The CFP just went out, and if last year was any indication, this year is gonna rock as well. Full details here: 

But on to the discussions of the week: 

The first group of articles talks about the CSO's relationship with the business, particularly in talking about the things that the business should know: 

But you can't talk about the business without talking about the technology side of things, and Andy's favorite company, the Goog, has given us some good stuff to talk about this week. Android devices have been taking off rapidly, and Wells Fargo has given us some interesting insight into their inner workings by just saying "No." to outside devices: 

As always, you can find the podcast here:

And if you have any feedback, drop us a comment or find us at @SFSPodcast on twitter.

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Again, we're sorry that Andy moving to Google mail caused the outage.  We promise to provide more warning when Andy finally breaks down and buys an iPad...

This week the guys discuss....

Is Stress Making You Want To Crack?

HIPAA penalties finally hit the big time...

Couple of Google stories...  First, a small percentage but large number of users get their gmail accounts reset...

And Google introduces 2-Factor Authentication for gmail....

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