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Just Martin and Joseph this evening, as our other hosts are otherwise engaged. Unlike Joseph, who is now married, instead of engaged.

Jumping right in, we decided to stick with what we know, and talked about Dark Reading's article on how the recent breaches have led to a recent rash of hirings in the InfoSec field, from the CSO level all the way down to the junior analyst level.

And with the recent demise of LulzSec, it's now time to begin an analysis of the effects of the events perpetrated from the LulzBoat. Our good friend Bill Brenner at CSO Online wrote a great article entitled "Whatever, Lulzsec."

We wrapped up with the story that brought the title to this episode, we discussed the differences that Symantec has found between iOS devices and Android equipped phones.

That's it for this evening, but we'll see you again next week!

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Martin, Andy, and Steve finally manage to get schedules set and talk.  Unfortunately Joseph can't come out to play this week so the old guys have the mike.  Quick note and apologies about some of the audio quality - we're working to fix it.

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Join Martin and Steve as they discuss a quite unbelieveable blog post from LogLogic (, the continuation of "Breach-A-Week", and Martin's recent visit to Vegas for HP Discover 2011.

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Unfortunately Andy and the News Yankee couldn't make it so Martin and Joseph sit back and discuss the upcoming Job Hunting Season that seems to exist for a couple of months on either side of DEFCON/BlackHat and how both job seekers and those wanting to fill seats can have the best success...

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