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Here's a quick look behind the scenes here at Southern Fried...  Our Episode 100 Run Sheet...

SFS Podcast Ep100 Run List


Open1            -           Jack Daniel Opener

Open2                        -           New Theme


Martin Intro & Welcome


<Random Discussion>


Andy’s Favorite Interview:  Jack Daniel


Interview Clip of Jack and the 10 Questions


Andy’s Favorite Moment:  Ep9 – Crossing the Streams


Ep9 Clip –


Andy’s Favorite Show: Offensive Security: Pros and Cons w/ Paul and John Strand (43)


Andy – What has changed most in the industry since the start of the podcast?




Bumper1        -           Liquid Matrix Bumper

Bumper2        -           Bella Security Justice Bumper


Steve’s Favorite Interview: ?????


Steve’s Favorite Show:   Ep17 – Steve in the Cage


Show Clip – Steve in the Cage


Steve – What has changed the most on the podcast since we started?


Joseph’s Favorite Interview:


Joseph’s Favorite Show:   Red Firewall…


Joseph – What’s the podcast done/meant for you?




Bumper 1       -           Becky Exotic Liability

Bumper 2       -           Dueling Banjo – Short


Yvette’s Favorite Interview

Yvette’s Favorite Show:  Manvirtex (Ep97)


Yvette:  As the FNG – how’s it been going?


Martin’s Favorite Interview – Shrdlu Ep2

Martin’s Favorite Show - ????


Discussion:  What’s changed the most in the world of enterprise infosec since we launched in January of 2010?


<Random Discussion & Final Thoughts>


Close out


Clip 1 – Old bumper plus Hoff’s Security Rock Star


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