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Episode 156 - Sad Panda Martin, Steve, and Joseph got on tonight to talk about clickbait-that-wasn't, AV eating itself, and 6 ways the Sony breach didn't actually change everything. A great slideshow article from friend of the podcast Michael Santarcangelo A bad, bad day for Panda AV "6 Ways The Sony Hack Changes Everything" And if you have any feedback, questions, or comments, drop us a comment or find us at @SFSPodcast on Twitter.

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It’s hard to find infosec folks…


The number of things wrong with the editorial are immense…  We read it so you don’t have to….


Anthem declines post-breach audit from regulators…

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 Martin & Steve get a change to talk to Rob Fuller (@mubix) about his ideas on Open Source Architecture.  It's a great conversation where you can see the idea grow in front of your own ears!


The link to the Open Source Architecture group is:!forum/ossag


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