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Episode 119 - All PCI All The Time

For the first time in a long, long time, the whole crew was back together, plus one! Branden Williams joined us while out on the road to discuss his opinions and answer questions about the new PCI DSS 3.0.

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Martin got the chance to interview Jennifer Minella (@JJX) to talk about her candidacy for the Board of Directors of (ISC)2, the challenges and opportunities that (ISC)2 has, and her drive to get a slate of write-in candidates elected.

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Episode 117 – End Times


The end is coming when the podcast is put out 2 weeks in a row AND Andy Willingham is on…  J


Martin, Andy, and Yvette wax philosophic on these stories…


Automated Hacking Tools….94% of all web login attempts?


Also, as promised, here are the slides Matt Bing of Arbor Networks ASERT used during his talk on Fort Disco at this years University of Michigan SUMIT conference.  It was a GREAT talk.



Can the new HIPAA rule cut down on ePHI breaches?  Ummmm….no?



And, finally, just realize leadership isn’t about you.  It’s about helping people solve their problems.’’




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Episode 116.5 - The NSA Ain't Gonna Stop Us

This week, Andy rejoined the gang! Alongside Martin, Joseph, and Yvette, they tackled Blackberry, enterprise defense, and turf battles:

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