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Tonight, we announce ourselves a new member: Yvette Johnson! (@jetsetyvette on twitter) She's going to bring a softer side to the podcast. So of course, we picked us two stories on opposite ends of the spectrum to get her started.

First, we had us a story of folks doing it right: Liquidmatrix. Read this entire article. Seriously. Now do it again. A fantastic article, we had nothing but good things to say about it.

On the very opposite end of the spectrum, an article from Forbes. A textbook example of FUD marketing. (For prior reading, check out this article for a little background: )

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Tonight it's just Martin and Joseph, so we decided to hit some of the hard hitting topics of the last week:

First, we talk about a fantastic article from Dark Reading about "Do you need a Security Operations Center":

Then, we get warmed up for our rants of the evening with Steve's article about the VeriSign disclosures, or lack thereof:

And finally, we get to a nigh-impenetrable blog post from Trustwave, talking about why they issued a Certificate Authority to a private organization:

We wrap up with a nice wrap-up of Shmoocon from Martin, and announcements about SOURCE Conference.

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Nick Selby, of the Police Led Intelligence blog, takes some time from our future while he's in Singapore to talk with Martin about just converged security, incident response, APT (APT!!??), and who won the Super Bowl.

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