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Martin, Steve, Joseph, and Yvette gather for a quick discussion of a few news articles and we learn about Hacker Academy.  We also learn that Joseph and Skype don't mix and that while you can get 3 of us in the same city it doesn't mean we're going to meet up to record.

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This week, we have an exciting new announcement: MAD Security has come on as our first official sponsor, and we're glad to work with them. We're really excited about all the work that they do with the community, and you'll hear more content from them with us in the coming weeks.

For our stories tonight, Martin, Yvette, and Joseph reminisced a bit about their experiences in Vegas, then got right down to Dave Shackleford's article in response to Dave Aitel's article about security awareness:

Then, to close things out, talked a bit about Iran and their  recent announcement that they will be separating themselves away from the rest of the Internet:

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