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Steve can't make it tonight so Martin, Andy, and Joseph sit down with James Arlen (@myrcurial) to discuss items of interest...

Like the general insanity of the infosec echo chamber when it comes to Amazon EC2 outages, DropBox TOS updates, and Applie iPhone location information...

Oh, and we talk about Doing Infosec Right.  It's a new project designed to bring good information from people who do defensive security to people who are trying to do defensive security.  You can find more at

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Join Martin, Steve, and Joseph as they discuss the Verizon Data Breach Incident Report with special guest Josh Corman.

And remember to check out Charlotte ISSA at to register for their conference on May 5th!

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Just Andy and Joseph this week, but we hit some fairly hefty topics, particularly the breaches that seem to keep springing up every day lately.

First, Derek Newton has discovered a very interesting flaw in Dropbox's host authentication.

Then, we discussed the breaches of the week: Barracuda, Hartford, and US Airways.

And in the "too close to home for comfort" category, we finished up with the Texas Comptroller breach:

As always, you can find the podcast here:

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