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Episode 204 - Evaluating Your Security Program: Communications Plan


  1. Why Evaluate Your Program
    1. Part of annual policy review
    2. If you don’t evaluate you will never improve
    3. Continual review will help protect your budget
    1. Awareness and Education is how most people in your org know the program
    2. Threat Mapping maps the outside threats to your inside controls & tech
    3. Communications is that final turn from the inside out
  2. Start At The Outside and Move Your Way In
    1. If Education & Awareness are how the employees engage the program then Communications is how the management team engage the program
    2. In business life, like everywhere else, if people don’t know who you are or what you do then they aren’t going to be willing or able to support you in times of crisis or need
    3. The higher up in the org you want to communicate the more deliberate your plan needs to be
  3. Why Even Consider Communications?
    1. Each sub-org needs to be considered
      1. CIO-org
      2. CFO-org
      3. COO-org
      4. CMO-org
      5. CCO-org
      1. Unless you report to the CEO the next person down in your chain is going to have to likely carry that water
      2. We will address the opportunities and dangers of directly engaging a CEO at some other podcast
    2. Notice that there is no “CEO-org”
  4. Determine the Audience(s)
    1. Updated status reports are better than a ‘newsletter’
    2. Compelling progress reports (especially if validated by a third party) can be a huge gain
    3. If you invent something new it better be hugely valuable
    4. “Communication is what the listener does”
  5. Leverage Existing Comms Before Inventing Something New
    1. Get over yourself
    2. Really.
  6. “But this is just playing politics!”
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