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Andy and Martin close out 2016 with a quick run through of the major stories of the year and look forward to what's to come in 2017.

Thanks to everyone who came to BSides Atlanta!

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Martin, Steve, and Yvette discuss the recent DDoS of the DNS provider Dyn and what information security people should be considering in a world where terabit DDoS is a reality.

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Martin, Steve, and Yvette talk about recent events at Yahoo and the moral compass questions information security professionals and leaders may be forced to face when their employer appears to be doing something they shouldn't...

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For the first time we can think of it's just Yvette and Martin on this episode.  The two of them talk about what to think about and what you might do if you run into some extra budget at the end of the year.  Do you invest in shiny? What about services? Some training might be nice?  Or so you score points with the team down the hall?

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We interview Nick Selby (@nselby) about a recent blog post where he had a less than optimal experience with a managed security service provider.



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Martin, Andy, and Steve talk about third party risk programs in light of breaches at Target, Banner Health, and other unfortunate souls.

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Joseph is on sabbatical but the rest of the crew talks about how infosec professionals should focus on their problems and how to effectively interact with "the business".



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Guillaume’s last visit to the show: Episode 167
Last year’s WWDC episode

WWDC 2016 Security Rumors and Wishes
Possible Touch ID changes
Touch ID for the Mac?

Encrypted iCloud Backups
Permissions and Pairing
Granular Location Access
Better Public Wi-Fi, VPN And SSL/TLS Handling

Reduced Annoyances and Increased Security on iOS

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This evening, Martin sat down with Patrick Heim from Dropbox. Enjoy the interview, and the gang will be back next episode.

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The 2016 DBIR
OSVDB Thoughts on the DBIR
Analyzing the 2016 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report » Digital Shadows
The DBIR’s ‘Forest’ of Exploit Signatures – Trail of Bits Blog
Response to Kenna Security’s Explanation of the DBIR Vulnerability Mess | OSVDB

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