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Tonight, Martin, Joseph, Steve, and Andy got together and went over how their 2015 predictions went, and laid out what their predictions were for 2016.

The gang is on break from now until the new year, happy holidays!

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Check for signs of the apocalypse, everyone was here tonight...

Comcast resets nearly 200,000 passwords

In the era of GPS, Naval Academy revives celestial navigation

How Carders Can Use eBay as a Virtual ATM

What Flu Season Can Teach Us About Fighting Cyberattacks

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This week, Andy's back!

The FitBit "hack"

The FBI's Advice on Ransomware? Just Pay The Ransom

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Dale Myers - 1Password Leaks Your Data

AgileBits - When a Leak Isn't a Leak

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Tonight, Steve and Joseph talked password managers and consumer reports for cybersecurity.

LogMeIn now owns LastPass

Troy Hunt's article on switching from LastPass

Websites, Please Stop Blocking Password Managers. It's 2015

Mudge's Consumer Cyber Reports

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This week, Joseph and Guillaume Ross talked content blockers, phishing consequences, and home network monitoring.

Back to Work Episode 239

Accidental Tech Podcast Episode 136

FireEye: served malicious ads to visitors | CSO Online

Ad Blocking, Ad Networks, & Your IP Address

DHS infosec chief: We should pull clearance of feds who fail phish test | Ars Technica

Cujo Is a Smart-Home Device That Protects Against Hacks | Digital Trends

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This week Martin and Joseph sat down and talked about stress, burnout, and why Martin took a break for a while. 

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Tweet from Ed Willson

Chrome and Firefox dump Flash

Netflix dumps antivirus

Windows 10:
Even When Told Not To, Windows 10 Can't Stop Talking to Microsoft
Even the pirates are nervous about Windows 10
Timcast - Windows 10 is spying on you and it's super creepy

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This week's show notes:

BlackHat Day 1
Car Hacking
BlackHat Day 2
Defcon Roundup
@sawaba's BSides Talk
Washington Post's Article on l0pht

Oracle's CSO makes a questionable publishing decision

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No full episode this week thanks to Security Summer Camp, but Martin got to sit down and chat with good friend of the podcast Wendy Nather. 

We'll be back soon!

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