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We talk with Jennifer Jabbusch-Minella about Black Hat, BSides Las Vegas, and DefCon from the Barracuda Cabana at the Artisan Hotel during BSides Las Vegas....

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We're at four installments of discussions with speakers and other folks at BSides Las Vegas.  Recorded live in the Barracuda Cabana located poolside at the Artisan Hotel...

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The third installment of talks with speakers and attendees at BSides Las Vegas.  Recorded poolside in the Barracuda cabana at the Artisan Hotel.

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Yet another quick conversation at the Barracuda Cabana poolside at the Artisan during BSides Las Vegas...

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Recorded live at the Barracuda Cabana poolside at BSides Las Vegas we bring you short chats with speakers and attendees at this years premiere un-conference....

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